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Castle Colombières offers adapted to public school CE1 to the 5th visit. Discover a route has been initiated by the owners who have at heart to develop in children a taste and respect for the heritage by transmitting their passion for history. Citizens and actors of tomorrow, the young generation receives at Colombières a special welcome. The visit of the Château de Colombières is an ideal outing for schools, recreation centers or holiday because it allows to combine different educational objectives in a playful approach rooted in reality:

• Learn the history of France "otherwise" exploring a military fortress of the XIV century full of true stories,
• Discover the architectural beauty of our heritage, understand the need to preserve and maintain,
• Develop concrete benchmarks on the experience of our ancestors,
• Assess the current peace admiring a castle passed through six centuries of war epics.

The Discovery Trail is designed to satisfy the curiosity of children, seek their sense of listening and observation
awaken their sense of wonder at the beauty of a monument bearing the memory of history.
A SHEET FORM provided below detailed information needed to assess the importance of this visit and its practical conditions.
More information can be provided on request.

Practical information - Length of visit: 45 minutes

Individual Visit Group Visit School Group
Hours de 14h00 à 19h00,
fermeture billeterie 18h30
Who ? Associations, businesses,
family groups
leisure centers
Who ? School People
Period July and August :
only from monday to friday
September :
only Week-end
Period from April 15 to october 31 Period April 15 to october 31 reservation
Minimum 20 persons Minimum 20 childrens
Price € 6 per person
free per child accompanied
under 12 years

€ 5 per person
free per child
under 12 years


Discovery trail : € 4/person
Discovery trail and medieval taste :
€ 6/person

A companion ticket
free for 20 paying